Employee Spotlight- March 2018


For this employee spotlight, we would like to welcome one of our newer employees, Eric Peterson.  Eric has been a journeyman at Welch for about 5 months, but already fits in well with our company culture and other employees, earning a nickname or two along the way!  One of our Foremen, Tony Guthrie, notes “With only a few short months at Welch Tile, Eric has become an asset to, not only the company, but his fellow co-worker as well.  His willingness to learn and pass on his knowledge helps out the team greatly.  Eric fits in perfectly to the Welch Tile family!”

Eric has been in the tile industry for quite some time.  In 1998, he started a tile installation business with a friend in Toledo, Ohio, where he currently lives.  Their business dealt with mainly residential and light commercial work.   Now that he’s with Welch, he states that he actually preferres working on industrial and commercial jobs simply because it’s different and provides an opportunity to learn. 

We were also very interested in how the change from owner to employee felt for him.  He appreciates the change for stability and “let’s be honest, it’s nice to get a paycheck every week”.  When specifically asked what Eric likes about working for Welch, he discussed the comraderie between employees, the quick pace, and the company’s commitment to its employees.  “I am proud of myself for coming up here and having a company take a chance on me and inviting me in.”  He is planning to move to the Croton/ Newaygo eventually, but currently carpools every week with our other out-of-state employee, Dave Rogers.  Dave discusses their friendship in saying, “I have known Eric for the past 20 years and I never thought I’d see the two of us working for the same company in western Michigan. It is great to see him working for a supportive company such as Welch Tile!”

Eric was also a member of the Navy, where he served over-seas in France and Italy.  He also enjoys skateboarding and racing BMX.  Keep an eye out for Eric on our future job sites!


What is he sitting on?  For that answer, you’ll need to stay tuned.  We have a secret project being unveiled in April!

Caela Manninen