Welch Tile & Marble Company

Founded in 1987, Richard Welch Sr. recognized an industry in change.  As a master tile, stone and terrazzo mechanic, Richard founded Welch Tile and Marble Company on the simple principle of commitment to excellence and installing timeless beauty.

Advancements in technology and tremendous industry growth offered new challenges for installers and contractors.  With his children at his side, Richard embraced these challenges.

The company rapidly grew to be recognized as a leader in the industry, both regionally and nationally.  Richard’s vision and commitment to a company that’s growth would stem from placing value in his employees and value for his customers came to fruition and today the company employs over 50 tile, terrazzo, and stone professionals with expertise from design to installation.

Richard passed the leadership baton to his son, Daniel Jay Welch, as President, in 2007.  The founding principles govern the daily operations of the company and with Daniel’s direction, the company is an active contributor and member of national industry associations and governing bodies.

Providing support and freedom for employees to express areas of special interest has produced a dynamic company in every aspect of the industry.  With cutting edge expertise in every aspect of our industry Welch Tile is a proactive, leading and respected company in an ever changing industry.


Meet the team.

Our company employs a number of interesting and dynamic individuals.  Seeing personal success as company success, we take pride in encouraging professional growth and expression. Our management team and department leads are made up of the following characters:


Dan W.



Caela M.

Showroom Consultant


Brady K.

Estimator/Project Manager


Bill P.

Estimator/Project Manager

Jeff V.

Estimator/Project Manager


Rick H.

Estimator/Project Manager


Rick W.

Estimator/Project Manager


Bob W.

Estimator/Project Manager



welch tile community

“We’re a big team, like a family!” 

Derek D., Apprentice Setter


We behave as a team here at Welch.  Our management fosters this spirit consistently.  Welch Tile often puts on at least one company sponsored event each quarter.  We also attend hockey games together, host a day of golf at a local course, hold summer picnics (complete with a moon bounce!), and put on our annual Christmas shindig. There is never a shortage of socializing activities!



Involvement in the construction industry as a whole and active participation in our industry specific organizations is an ongoing commitment at Welch Tile and Marble.

Many in our management team and field associates serve on a variety of association committees.  Our involvement on legislative, technical, marketing, and membership committees affirm commitment to our profession and industry.