Welch Tile Gives Back to Community

What’s the old adage… When you teach you learn.  And it was true for Dan Welch. He recently stepped into a High School classroom to help teach. Junior Achievement offered a business class JA Titan Halo-Generator. Students must go through seven steps and lean all facets of business, they compete with other teams and the group that has the highest R.O.I wins.

Click on this link to learn more about the JA Titan Halo-Generator project.

Dan was asked in to help teach the class and also to bring his personal experience with him. As each section was taught, Dan would share his companies information about that same thing, whether it be product design and manufacturing, or marketing and sales.

While Welch Tile does not manufacture a product, another division, Michigan Recycled Stone does, so for Dan teaching these fundamentals to high school students allowed him to reflect on how he runs his own business, and apply these same principals to Michigan Recycled Stone.

Unlike the students that get feedback and then went on to compete at the college level, hoping to win one of the many scholarships that were given as prizes, Dan can now do his own self assessment. Taking into consideration all seven steps when assessing his companies R.O.I.

Dan started this process with the understanding that he could give back to the community that supports his business. What he didn’t expect was to have learned so much in the process.


  1. Cody Copus says:


    Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the local Kent City community. You made the study of business relevant for the students and added value to their education.

    Thank you,
    Cody Copus
    Kent City Teacher

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