Terrazzo Installation Do’s and Don’ts

When a terrazzo floor is called for in a commercial building, careful planning is the key to a successful installation. Dan Welch was recently on a job where his experience and planning skills paid off.

With a diagonal, curved and grid inset pattern laid out on the prepared subfloor, the continues integral base needed to be marked out and trim edge installed.

The problem with this kind of integral base is that well ahead of when you would normally install the finished details, many need to be installed ahead of the terrazzo floor and base going in.

Drinking fountains, non architectural walls and doors, thresholds and trim all must be in place for the floor to be successfully completed.

With Welch Tiles help the construction firm understood just what must be done.  Keeping ahead of the floor installation proved to be a challenge, but with Welch Tiles expert help the do’s and the don’ts of this project were quickly understood and all the contracted teams worked to solve the problem.

Dan’s years of experience really paid off this time. That and having a team of certified installers that stay at the forefront of new installation techniques and materials always helps to have his jobs run smooth, be cost effect and finish great.

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