Dating back 1,500 years, terrazzo is experiencing a renaissance based on its qualities of total design freedom and sustainability.  During the American industrial age, terrazzo was used as the executive corporate flooring of choice by banks and industrialist as well as the material of choice in manufacturing facilities.


Terrazzo has come a long way since the days of cement and marble chips as the main ingredients.  Today, epoxy resin binders of unlimited color choice, and aggregate mixes of marble, glass, granite, plastics, metals, and specialty shell and stone materials make for truly unlimited design opportunities.  Logos, pictorials, and precast inserts all lend to custom, one of a kind, signature, flooring and cladding applications.


The characteristics of terrazzo also make it the best material of value available in flooring applications.  Terrazzo will not only outlast the lifetime of the structure, it is easily restorable as is often the case in historical restorations.  Terrazzo also affords numerous LEED certification credits (see LEED page on this website), and ease of installation for “fast track” builds.


The antifungal, seamless qualities, and ease of maintenance make terrazzo the perfect floor of choice for schools, healthcare, hospitality, mass transit, food service, and class “A” office environments.  Produced on site, and finished in place, terrazzo is truly an art form that is not imitated.  It speaks to durability, sustainability, beauty and elegance.     



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