Today the choices available to the consumer in hospitality, entertainment, and dining experiences, demand “branding” that tells the story.  Much of what the casual or professional consumer seeks simply relies on the value of “first impressions.”  While this is a core to establishing venue credibility at Welch we understand the critical nature of working finishes and surfaces in these venues.  While many design materials may pass the design test, not all meet the working attributes required in hospitality management.


Our experience in hospitality design and understanding of the material demands in flooring, countertops, interior and exterior claddings, exterior grounds finishes, and food preparation environments, makes us your perfect partner from concept to completion.  Our understanding of “green build” values and sustainable products make for your perfect partner in design consultation, design development, product selection, material procurement, installation, and continued appearance management.  Let Welch be your image partner to create the winning experience in hospitality, restaurant, and entertainment success.     




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