Large Format Porcelain Panels (LFPP) – Laminam by Crossville


On September 24th, Welch Tile was one of three US-based tile contractors invited by Crossville (TN) to travel to Modela, Italy for a four-day conference introducing Laminam Large Format Porcelain Panels.  Honored, Dan Welch, attended to provide input for the proper installation of these massive, (yet incredibly thin) panels.  Full panels, shipping at 3m x 1m x 3mm, are marketed as “One product with 1000 Applications.”


We agree.  The porcelain panels are resistant to chemicals, fire, frost, color-fade, and even graffiti.  The product is higenic, has a high flexural strength, and recyclable. 


Clearly a product we plan to promote and look forward to installing.  Laminam is poised for strong growth both for interior applications and exterior facades. 


What’s the downside?  Simple, you better have a qualified installer.  These panels are 3ft x 10ft….and did we mention… made of 1/8” porcelain?  Covering over thirty square foot, each panel is quite valuable.  Cuts, scrap calculation, and care for each panel must be well thought out.  Special equipment is also used to set each piece in place, and it is certainly not a one-man installation.  Did we mention Welch Tile was one of three contractors invited to develop the installation standards?


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