Documentation, smart technology, can save thousands on any job

Winning the bid is just the start of the work for many subcontractors in business today. The post bid meeting needs to be documented and those notes sent as soon as possible. A verbal acknowledgment just won’t cut it anymore.  

With so many people involved in any job, everything needs to be documented. Both from the construction firms side as well as the sub-contractors. Technology is the key, the use of smart phones or tables with both camera and email access keeps everyone informed and all correspondence available.

Welch Tile stays ahead of the game. With the use of innovative technologies, field supervisors, those walking the job in pre-construction and pre-install, use tablets and smart phones to document a situation with the camera, upload it to an email and from the location of concern send it and get a response in moments.

Not only is everyone informed quickly, but all the correspondence is saved and can be downloaded at the office and archived for reference as needed at a later date.

The world may be going paperless, but the need to communicate in a timely way has never been more important. The use of smart technology in the filed will lead Welch Tile to the forefront of project management, time management and cost control. Savings from the use of smart technology can be in the thousands. Fuel costs, wear and tear on a vehicle, multiple people on site, all can be minimized or eliminated.

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